sir kindly refer to set of conditioned, compensatory and condign power passage
for para
"However, it will be evident on brief thought, that male power and female submission have relied much more completely on the belief since ancient times that such submission is the natural order of things. Men might love, honour and cherish. It was for long accepted that women should love honour, and obey. Some of this was the product of specific education – of institution at home, in the schools, and from the Church as to the proper role of women in the social order and in relation to the family. Until recently, courses in universities and colleges taught women but not men the homely arts – home economics and homemaking – with a strong implication that this was relevant to a normal submission to male will. Such implication in this form of instruction has not entirely disappeared."
and options
According to the author:
-schools subtly encourage dominance of male over female.
-men usually do not use power to enforce their will over women.
-the use of compensatory power in the relationship between sexes is declining.
-the availability of courses in ‘homely arts’ for women in universities is to prove male dominance over women
I think the answer should be D instead of A since it says in para courses in Universites.
Please clear the doubt