A driver of auto rickshaw makes a profit of 20% on every trip when he carries 3 passengers and the price of petrol is Rs. 30 a litre. Find the % profit for the same journey if he goes for 4 passengers per trip and the price of petrol reduces to Rs. 24 litres? (revenue per passenger is same)
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Is it 100%?
Yes correct
Hi how 100% came please if you can help me with the solution to it
let the price paid by each passenger be Rs X
hence , s.p. - 3x and c.p.. rs.30
apply the formula for finding profit percent and you get x= rs. 12
now , for 4 passengers : s.p = rs. 4× 12 = 48
c.p - rs. 24
again apply the same formula n get profit percrnt as 100%