DIRECTIONS for the question: In this question, there are two statements which can be combined into a single statement in a number of different ways without changing their meaning. Below them are given three probable starters (A), (B) and (C) of such a combined sentence. One, two, three or none of them may be correct. Decide upon which is/are correct, if any and mark the option which denotes your answer. If none of the three starters is suitable mark none as your answer
In 1960, Jacques Piccard, a Swiss Oceanographer, and Don Walsh reached the floor of the Mariana Trench, the Ocean's deepest point, of the Pacific Island of Guam,. It is nearly 11,000 metres down, for comparison Mount Everest raises 8,848 meters.
A. While in 1980 Jacques
B. In comparison to Mount Everest
C. Located off the Pacific Island, Guam....
1. Only (A﴿ & ﴾B﴿
2. Only ﴾B﴿
3. Only ﴾C﴿
4. Only ﴾B﴿ & ﴾C﴿
5. None
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Rahil Choudhary
Option 4
Explanation Only B and C can be the probable starters which would not change the meaning.