The HR managers of Company XYZ have been recruiting regularly from college D, however, since the past two years the managers of the company have been very unhappy as although its students recruited from College D are very good at work, most of them resign within six to seven months of employment for better salaries? Which of the following may be the immediate course of action undertaken by the HR manager of company XYZ in order to deal with the situation?
1. The pay package of recruits of college D should be inclusive of a percentage retention bonus which would be given to employees only after completion of a year
2. College D must be blacklisted and no student must be recruited from the college
3. The management of college D must be informed of the situation and should be asked to talk to the students appearing for the interview
4. The recruits of college D must be asked to sign a bond of minimum five years before being employed
5. The students of college D should be asked during the interview if they intend to stay with the company for a long time
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Rahil Choudhary
Option 1
In this case, HR should think about the retention of employees rather than the consequences, hence option 1 should be the answer.