High Court of State X has decided to ban an international entrepreneurial program which was rescheduled to be launched by the State Government near sea shore of the state. Which of the following statements does not weaken the decision taken by the High Court of State X?
1. Scheduling the program at any other place of the State rather than the sea shore will create a lot of chase for general public due to heavy traffic on roads.
2. Entrepreneurial programs require making of dummy structures which are later dismantled thereby causing environmental problems.
3. The entrepreneurial program will help State X in attracting foreign investment thereby boosting the economy of the state.
4. Many small entrepreneurs will benefit from the entrepreneurial programme by learning new skills and understanding business dimensions.
5. Few national level programmes have been conducted in the past by State X near the sea shore for social causes without causing problems to residents.
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Rahil Choudhary
We need to choose an option that would support the decision of the high court; therefore it must talk against the program.
Option 1 is irrelevant as the statement talks of rescheduling the program near sea shore and not somewhere else.
Option 3, 4 and 5 are weakening the decision by showing positive impact of the program.
Option 2 is correct as it discusses the negative impact of such program.