WAT Topics:
1. Nuclear war be won and should they be fought?
2. India needs to focus more on Social Sector than on Defense sector.
3. Is India ready for digitization from cyber security viewpoint to become a cashless economy?
4. Remixing in music has become a trend. (Good or Bad)
5. Are MNC’s superior to Indian companies?
6. Should agricultural subsidies be there?
7. Privacy intrusion caused due to social networking applications
8. Ban on Jallikattu should continue?
9. Certainty of Justice can curb crime more effectively than severity of punishment.
10. Should funds be diverted towards primary and secondary education rather than opening new IITs and IIMs?
11. Employees in India work better as an individual than in team.
12. There is no right way to do wrong things.
13. Problems unite us and religion divides us.
14. Freedom of Expression doesn’t mean that one can make Insensitive Remarks.
Personal Interviews:
1. Tell me something about yourself.
2. Let us know something about your work profile.
3. Why did you switch your job?
4. What if your company does not give you promotion this year?
5. After doing engineering why did you land up in an Insurance job?
6. Tell us something about the industry your company is into and who are your competitors?
7. Give some negative examples of remixing.
8. There is a Marketing guy, sales guy and product R&D engineer. Who is the most important?
9. Draw 4 points that are equidistant to each other.
10. You have 2 jugs, 3L and 5L. How will you measure 4L?
11. What is ISO?
12. Is Reliance an ethical company?
13. What loophole did JIO use?
14. What do you know about B.R. Ambedkar & why was he chosen to draft the constitution?
15. Is reservation good or bad for society?
16. What do you think of flying cars?
17. Why did Unilever choose Ajay Devgan for ad promotions & who do you think could substitute him?
18. What is premium trucking used for?
19. Explain Laws of thermodynamics?
20. Do you know Continuity Equation, Bernoulli’s Equation?
21. How can you relate Continuity Equation, Bernoulli’s equation to Insurance field?
22. How will driverless cars impact insurance industry?
23. From which part of India do you belong?
24. Can you tell me how many states are there in North East?
25. What is commodity derivative?
26. What is the full form of DOC?
27. When I go to buy an appliance like AC. Should I say electrical gadget or electronics?
28. How can I distinguish between AC or a fan?
29. How many states are there in India? Which is the latest one? What is its capital?
30. What is the role of a mentor?
31. Tell me something about Antyodya.
32. Why TCS in news?
33. What is Virat Kohli & Steve Smith “DRS controversy”? Why ICC didn’t take action?
34. What is software?
35. What are the various tests?
36. What is iterative model?
37. How can you make the software when a customer keeps adding functionalities?
38. What do you know about OS?
39. What is the difference between Unix and Linux?
40. Why do we need open source code?
41. If it is an open source code everyone can change it, right? What if someone changes the source code? What will happen then?
42. You mentioned something about Chernobyl, was that a nuclear war?
43. What is the difference between efficiency and effectiveness?
44. Why are they building Nuclear reactor in Japan even though it is in seismic zone?
45. What will you do if you were director of the company’s plant you work for?
46. What would have been your priority? Plant or people?
47. What are ASCI? Which organization looks after IT companies?
48. Is Tesco operational in India? Is Wal-Mart present in India?
49. Is there any proactive measure on the MCA to prevent the scams like what happened with Satyam etc.?
50. What is the full form of SAP?
51. Tell me something about Autobahn?
52. What is the difference between B. Tech on CS and B.Tech in IT?
53. What is NASSCOM? What is its full form? What do they do? Who is the chairman of NASSCOM?
54. What are your strengths and weaknesses?
55. Who is Rajat Gupta?
56. What is Insider Trading?
57. What is your take on Vijay Mallya?
58. What are the consequences of being a willful defaulter?
59. What are NPA’s?
60. You did M.Sc in Mathematics, what is Fermats Theorem?
61. Explain Topology?
62. What is the application of Prime Numbers in Computer Science?
63. What is Boolean algebra? Why do they use Binary system, why not any other system.
64. Since you are an analyst, why does analyst take 95% confidence level in analytics, why not any other value?
65. What are your views on Jalikattu?
66. What is the marketing strategy of Reliance Jio infocomm.
67. Do you think Jio has absorbed Airtel’s subscribers?
68. What are your future plans?
69. Which specialization would you want to go for? Why?
70. What have you prepared for this interview?
71. What’s share buyback? Why would a company buyback its shares?
72. What have you read in current affairs?
73. Why Sasikala was not made the CM?
74. Give an example how politics affect Business.
75. How do you think Indian IT sector has a role in Indian economy? How it contributes to its growth?
76. What is the share of IT sector in Indian Economy?
77. Do you think that Government needs IT?
78. What makes a good Leader?
79. Do you think leader should be a good listener?
80. Do you think Donald Trump is not able to connect with American people?
81. World Economy is not doing well and as a result Indian Economy is also not doing well. What do you think?
82. Explain how china devaluation is affecting Indian Automobile Industry.
83. What is India’s GDP and what is any other economy growth measure?
84. When was TCS established & for what? How do you rate Ratan Tata? What is Tata’s turnover? What is the share of Jaguar in Tata motors sale?
85. So have you gone through the MDI Website? So when was MDI established? So how do you rank an institute? Give me a scientific approach.
86. What is the difference between TFT and CRT? Do you know the full form of TFT.
87. What is cloud computing?
88. Rate Your GD Performance.
89. Since you work in IT Industry could you tell me about SMAC?
90. Tell me what happens to the traditional Data Warehouse mechanisms when they will switch to Cloud?
91. Suppose you have to convince an organization to switch to Cloud what all measures will you take.
92. What is Web 2.0?
93. Do you know anything about Supply Chain Management?
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