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1. 2016
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: Tell me something about yourself that you haven’t mentioned in the form.
P1: Tell me any recent analysis that you did?
P2: So you are a mechanical engineer, don’t you miss engineering? How are you using mechanical engineering in your work?
P2: Tell me any 2 favourite subjects?
P2: Tell me what is LMTD? (candidate mentioned Heat Transfer as favourite subject)
P2: Why is it logarithmic? Why not linear?
P2: Assume you are a consultant; I am a pencil manufacturing company. Tell me how pencil is made, and assume that I am mech engineering and use all mechanical jargon that you should use and don’t explain it in layman terms.
P1: Tell me about northeastern states?
P1: Is Sikkim a northeastern state as well? Do you think Sikkim enjoys the funds allotted for northeastern states?
P2: Tell me why is everyone against Kejriwal these days? Why BJP, Modi, Jaitely are against Kejriwal?
P1: What do you do in your leisure time?
P2: You got a scholarship for your engineering from GOI, don’t you think that’s a cheating on them that you are not giving it back and are working with some consulting firm?
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