1. 2017
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: What are you doing now?
P2: So your institute (of CA’s) has been nominated for Swacch Bharath Abhiyaan.
P2: What is your institute going to do about it?
P1: ICAI seems to be a very closed decision making body. So many rules, principles, regulations.
P1: Tell me 3 points from your Code of Conduct.
P2: Tell me about Window Dressing, is it a reality?
P1: Why you don’t want to pursue CA, you have already worked so hard for CA qualification. And let me tell you, in all IIM’s, the course structure is very rigorous. It is going to be another 2 years of slog. Why MBA?
P2: So you have mentioned that your father is having a firm. He does not want you to take care of his firm, is it?
P1: So, when did you finish CA?
P1: Okay, so what are your hobbies?
2. 2017
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: Tell me something about yourself
P2: Went through my file and asked me the reason for low grades in college.
P1: So you have learnt economics and principles of management at college. (Asked few questions on the topic)
P1 asked questions related to switch gear.
P2: Name an artist from Kerala. (Candidate is from Kerala)
P2: Name one of his work.
P2: Name any painting of his which is placed at the Mysore palace.
P1: How do you rate your communication skills?
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