1. 2017
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: Introduce yourself?
P2: How come politics? (Candidate mentioned Politics as interest)
P2: You see yourself joining politics in the future?
P2: Name a female banker in India who has joined politics?
P2: Name a cabinet minister in India who has studied from LSE?
P2: Name politicians in India who’ve studied in top universities abroad
P1: Why did you do so terribly in your sixth semester?
P1: You think joining engineering was a mistake and you should have stayed in your previous college and not do B.Tech?
P2: Name the company that has profited because of a policy decision by the Indian government. Name its CEO. (CEO: Vijay Shekhar Sharma)
P2: Name one of its competitors.
P1: Who is the cabinet minister who has studied from IIT Bombay? What was his previous designation?
P2: Who is the current CM of Goa?
P2: Tell us about Goa elections.
P1: Will you be able to handle the pressure and acads of IIM as it requires alot of hardwork?
P2: Draw graph of 1+(tanx)^2?
P2: Give equation of hyperbola?
P1: What are data structures?
P1: Give two types of data structures?
P2: Who is the secretary of state of USA?
P1: Name a female banker who till recently was the head of a bank and was the first Indian woman to do ‘something’? (Naina Lal Kidwai)
P2: What is the full form of HSBC?
P1: Name other female bankers in India?
2. 2017
Number of Panelist: 3
P1: What are you currently pursuing?
P1: So you are a fresher. Why not get some work experience and then do MBA. Why do you want to do a MBA?
P2: So your strength is quant? We will test you on that.
P2: What is probability? What is a determinant? What is a Bayes’ theorem and how do you write a set which is composed of null sets?
P2: Hmm…if you throw that pencil at that clock on the wall, what is the probability that it will hit it?
P2: So the probability is same for you and me? How do you mathematically prove that?
P3: What is meant by destructive and non-destructive testing?
P3: What is Young’s modulus of elasticity?
P3: Is stress a destructive testing or a non-destructive one?
P1: What are the processes that a bill goes through in the parliament?
P1: What if it doesn’t get two-thirds? What are the two houses of parliament and what if one house opposes the bill and the other house doesn’t?
P1: What is GST and what will it replace?
P2: Ever heard of Krishnan Menon?
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