1. 2016
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: Introduce yourself.
P2: Why do you go and visit places? (mentioned travelling in hobbies)
P2: Which place did you visit latest?
P2: And the place before that.
P1: Do you remember anything from your engineering?
P1: Tell me the difference between Analog and digital signal. Draw signals on paper.
P2: You are from Vidarbha right. Why is it so infamous? For what reason?
P2: What is its root cause?
P2: Do you know banks dedicated for Agri?
P2: Full form of NABARD.
P2: Any scheme recently launched by NABARD?
P1: What is the capital of Japan? / Of China? / Malaysia? / Singapore?
P1: Why Singapore has capital named Singapore only? Boring people!
P1: Which country’s part was Singapore before?
P2: What’s the full form of ISIS?
2. 2016
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: So why are you here?
P2: Which club do you follow? (Candidate mentioned Football as a hobby)
P2: What is the history of political rivalry between FCB and Real Madrid?
P2: What do people of Catalonia and Basque want?
P2: So Real Madrid kind of represented Pro-Fascist faction while Barcelona represented democracy, right?
P2: So if a Football club were to open in Kashmir and another one in the rest of the country, which one will you follow?
P2: You support Barcelona and their ideology, right?
P2: Wouldn’t that make you an anti-national, if you support Kashmir?
P2: What is an Anti-National?
P2: Is Vijay Mallaya an Anti-National?
P2: Why not? He defrauded banks, and ran from the country. (Candidate explained why he should get a chance)
P2: Then why didn’t Afzal guru get a chance?
P2: So hang Afzal Guru but give Mallya a chance? Many people call Afzal Guru a martyr.
P2: 3 suicides happened taking his name on the note. Abetting a suicide is a crime, yes?
P1: If someone goes out and kills 50 dalits, is he an anti-national?
P2: 485 mercy pleas have been rejected by the president most of them are Muslims and Dalits. What does that tell you?
P1: So you agree, our judiciary system is bad?
P1: What do you do?
P2: Mention one change that you brought in safety at your workplace?
P1: Tell me about your family.
P2: What calls have you got?
P2: What’s your preference order?
P2: Last one, and this is tough one. If US invades Iraq, should people of US be blamed for the death and destruction?
3. 2017
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: What is your job profile at Bank of America? (Profile of Server Management)
P1: Which architecture are your servers on?
P2: You mean to say BoA faces issues with legacy systems?
P1: So tell me which is bigger bank? Citi or BoA?
P1: What are the main focus areas for BoA?
P2: What was the role of BoA in the 2008 fiasco?
P2: So Chemical Engineering first then BoA? Doesn’t match up. Would you say you wasted your engineering degree?
P2: Why MBA?
P2: But don’t you think it is better to continue with your job instead of doing an MBA?
P1: So you have travelled a lot? You must be good with Geography? Where does Kaveri river originate?
P2: You played Squash during your college years?
P2: Okay so tell me what is basic strategy you follow in Squash? What drives the game?
P2: So suppose I am at the “T” and you are retrieving the ball. What shots can you play which will ensure that I can’t get back to this zone?
P2: Tell us about any famous Squash players?
P2: Anyone from India?
P2: So what is the statistical achievement of Jahangir Khan?
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: Tell me which department are you in?
P1: What is the difference between electronics and communications?
P1: In communications difference between 3G and 4G? Name some communications companies.
P1: Who acquired Alcatel?
P1: Okay, tell me how communications companies in India technically work.
P2: What is India’s GDP? How make in India project is being implemented by such telecom companies.
P1: Do you have a gf? Someone you share your dreams with?
P2: Why MBA as a fresher? Why not gather experience?
P2: What are the qualities of a manager?
P2: Is team spirit a quality? What is the difference between leader and boss? In the GD were you a leader? You cut some people in the GD, do you think you were a leader?
5. 2017
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: Are you are a loser? (laughing)
P1: (on asking the reason for that comment) You support Arsenal. It hardly wins any trophy.
P2: What’s your favorite movie? (Candidate had mentioned it as his hobby)
P2: So you like Braveheart, with that logic you should support independence of Kashmir?
P1 & P2 asked few general questions related to Graduation subject of the candidate.
P2: How much would you rate yourself in this interview?
6. 2016
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: Tell me something about yourself.
P2: You have rendered brilliant service to L&T. Tell me a situation where you have showed your negotiation skills.
P1: We see that you have left L&T in 2014. What have you been doing for the past 3 years?
P2: In which company do you want to work for?
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