1. 2017
Number of Panelist: 3
P1: Why is Uber not operating in Goa? (Candidate had completed a course on Operations Research & Optimization in college)
P3: Do you remember what topics you studied? (Candidate mentioned Linear programming, Shortest path algorithms, network models etc.)
P3: Okay so what you know about integration?
P3: About Differentiation?
P3: Anything on Matrics?
P2: There was news about a case in the SC involving BITS Pilani and their right to award degrees outside the main campus. Suppose SC passes a ruling in favour of UGC, and your degree becomes invalid. Then we can’t give you admission. What will you do? (Candidate said that it would be valid for atlest the ones who have passed in past)
P2: What if I say that even that is not considered, and your degree is actually made invalid. Obviously this is unfair. Now who will you sue? IIMs, BITS Pilani, or UGC?
2. 2017
Number of Panelist: 3
P1: What did others tell you? Did they discuss questions outside? If yes, what were those questions?
P1: Tell me one thing that you are most passionate about.
P2: So in which stream you have done Engineering?
P2: Oh, we have this all time favourite question for the Mechanical Engineers; tell me what a differential is?
P2: Do trains have differential?
P1: Tell me how differential works?
P2: Tell me some social issues in Maharashtra.
P1: Joined any coaching for CAT?
P1: How did you prepare for interviews and GDs?
P2: What are the other interview calls you received?
P3: Have you seen Amar Akbar Anthony? (Candidate replied no)
P3: Okay, what was last movie you saw? (Named a controversial movie)
P3: What do you think of the controversy on the movie you mentioned?
3. 2017
Number of Panelist: 3
P1: So I see you brought executive file. Can you tell me the executives of this file?
P2: Tell us about yourself?
P3: So, you are interested in Mathematics. Which area of the subject?
P3: Okay, so you have 3 circles. How many common tangents can you draw to them?
P3: What if they are non-planar?
P3: You have 2 n*n matrices. When you multiply them, how many multiplications are actually happening?
P3: Can you try to think of a converging sequence, which is converging but the corresponding sequence is diverging.
P2: By the way, what is the rank of Rajasthan in terms of area?
P2: Which is the second largest state in India in terms of area?
P1: So you did a foreign internship. Where was it?
P1: What did you do there?
P1: So, did you roam anywhere around?
P1: Anywhere else you have been to in or outside India? (Candidate did not mention much)
P1: So, can I say you do not like travelling much?
P1: What difference did you find in the US’s university and IIT Gandhinagar’s educational system?
P3: What is your role at Delhivery?
P3: Why did you choose a different role in Delhivery as compared to your role in Cognizant?
P2: To start a company, you do not need an MBA. Infact, we guys do not even teach you that. See, Dhiru Bhai Ambani. He is not an MBA.
P2: These days people say that e-commerce is not having a bright future. It runs only on giving lucrative offers and discounts on the things. And once, discounts are gone, the company will fall off. What do you think about it?
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