1. 2017
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: So tell me about yourself? (Candidate mentioned about his job profile)
P1 & P2 asked several questions on the profile of the candidate. (Candidate was a part of the manufacturing unit and hence was asked about the process of the product creation, quality, cost per unit, factors involved in deriving the cost per unit etc)
P1: Tell me about your hobbies? (Candidate mentioned rope skipping)
P1: How long you do skipping?
P2: I have seen some ropes having a counter on the handle. How does that work?
P2: How much turns you do?
P1: Is it a low intensity or high intensity workout?
P2: Do you remember who won the noble prize this year?
P1: How much it cost per MW for Nuclear power?
P2: Okay, recently what has happened in Nuclear industry?
P1: Take a toffee.
2. 2017
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: You are from Raigad. Tell me something about a hero from Raigad. (Candidate named Nana Patekar)
P2: So, don’t you consider Shivaji?
P2: Ohh, for your generation film stars are the heroes. No?
P1: What are your views on current education system? (Question relate to the AWT topic of the candidate)
P2: So, what’s RTE?
P2: Age limit?
P1: Do you know the lower limit for RTE.
P2: So you’ve studied mechanical engineering. What were your favourite subjects?
P1: Tell me first law of thermodynamics and its applications.
P1: Tell us where does it fail?
P2: Why mechanical?
P1: How would you justify the reason for leaving your last job?
P2: What kind of job role do you expect from IIM A?
P1: What are your hobbies?
P2: Do you read newspapers? Which?
P2: Who is the editor of the Hindu?
P1: Okay, take that toffee and you are free to go.
3. 2017
Number of Panelist: 3
Student Profile: Engineer (Mining) from NIT
P1: So, you don’t consider mining as engineering branch? (Candidate selected “others” in the education section while filling the form)
P2: And you have also mentioned other as your university? (Candidate selected “others” in the university section while filling the form)
P1: Why should I be impressed with the outstanding national extra-curricular? (Candidate was asked questions on the outstanding national extra-curricular activities he mentioned)
P2: How Leadership? (Candidate mentioned a group activity performed by him on the national level, and made a point on “Leadership”)
P2: Okay, I do agree it consists of group working ability but leadership, no! (Candidate wasn’t able to justify the Leadership quality in group activity)(Note: In case you mention certain qualities, you need to have a proper explanation for the same.)
P1: Any project you are doing?
P1: Let me know the in depth details of your project.
P2: So, have you sat for campus placements?
P1: Any interests or hobbies you have? (Candidate mentioned playing guitar)
P2: The guitar string, it is made up of what material? (Candidate mentioned nylon)
P2: But it is made of metal, I think?
P1: So how does this string made of metal works?
P2: Any favourite artist which inspired you to adopt this style?
Candidate was asked questions on the essay topic he selected.
P1: Okay, thank you, you may go now, you may take cake or chocolate in front of you.
3rd Panelist did not ask any questions to the candidate. He was probably noting down the behavior of the candidate while answering the questions.
Tips: Prepare yourself well like your hobbies and interests and internship/project if fresher.
4. 2017
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: So you’re from agri biotechnology? (Candidate completed his B.Tech in Biotechnology.)
P2: What’s the difference between Agri Biotechnology & the one you have done?
P1: What is DNA?
P2: What is the controversy regarding biotechnology?
P1: How do we transfer genes?
P2: Do you read newspapers?
P1: Do you know the current oil prices?
P2: Why aren’t they increasing the price?
P1: Why is Flipkart called so?
P1: Will Flipkart sustain?
P1: Why did they switch to app?
P2: What is your view on intolerance?
P1: Who won the noble prize this year?
P2: Do you know about the cloned sheep?
5. 2017
Number of Panelist: 2
P1: So where are you based now?
P2: Tell me about your business. (Candidate was in his family business)
P1: What do you aim to achieve from an MBA?
Interviewers start to question in detail on candidate’s business, and asked him about different situations that arose in business and how he reacted to them.
P2: Apart from running your business, what else do you do?
P1: So if you get into IIMA, then who will take care of your business?
P2: Can I assume that when you get into IIM A, you won’t sit for placements and will go back to your business?
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