Rules of the quiz contest
1. Quiz will start from 11th October 2017 and ends on 16th October 2017. Winners will be announced on 17th October 2017.
2. Per day 2 questions will be uploaded at 8:00 AM - 2:00 PM and 5:00 PM - 11:00 PM respectively on the website ( )
3. First 5 correct answers in the comment section of the question will be awarded points (no correct answer would be considered if posted at any other source other than the website)
4. The first correct answer in the comment section on the website (with explanation) will be awarded 50 points, 2nd correct answer in the comment section (with explanation) will get 40 points, and so on till the 5th correct answer in the comment section, that will get 10 points.
5. Participants providing the right answer after the given time will not be considered
6. To answer, you need to be logged in. The questions will be posted at
7. One bonus question will be uploaded on 13th & 15th October 2017 which will carry 200 points for 1st comment with correct answer, 100 points for the 2nd comment with correct answer, 50 points for 3rd comment with correct answer, 25 points for 4th comment with correct answer. This question will be uploaded at 11:00 AM and will be open for response till 11:00 PM.
8. Register with us at (in case of new user)
9. Like our Facebook page at
10. Join our Facebook Group at
11. In case of a tie, Rs. 1000 would be split among the number of participants won
For any queries, feel free to write us at
*The Smart Ant reserves all the rights for the actions taken on the quiz and the prize money. No claims would be entertained in case of any misleading or false information. In case of any doubts you can reach out to us at
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