Religious belief is fluid and protean, _________ ideology is procrustean, enforcing uniformity. Religion can be syncretic ________ ideology is restrictive
A. while, whereas
B. similarly, yet
C. hence, but
D. by contrast, likewise
Correct Answer is A.
Blank 1
When we say something is protean, we mean that it changes shape easily. The word procrustean is an adjective, referring to a tendency to produce conformity by using violent means.
Religious belief is fluid. Ideology enforces uniformity. The two are in contrast. Of the 4 given choices, the options help join these sentences are ‘while’ or ‘by contrast’.
Blank 2
Religion can be syncretic (unite different opposing principles, practices or parties). Ideology is restrictive. Options for conjunctions that make sense here are ‘whereas’ and ‘but’.