8th Feb 2017
CD was a caselet where a Marketing Vice President made an unplanned expenditure which led to loss for the company.
We discussed how we could've saved that from happening.
For the PI, I was the 3rd one in my group. 15 mins per candidate with 3 panelists.
P1: So what are your hobbies?
Me: I am a big Manchester United fan. I am a part of my college debate and dramatics team and I watch movies and TV shows as stress busters.
P1: So tell me 12 rules of football.
Me: (confused)
P2: Tell us 12 things you learnt from football which you can implement in your career.
Me: Answered (all looked satisfied)
P2: So what do you do?
Me: Told them about my startup.
P3: So what happens to the startup when you're doing your MBA?
Me: Answered.
P1: So what are the topics that interest you?
Me: Answered (tell the ones that you are confident about)
P2: What do you think about Brexit?
Me: Answered
P3: Looking back at your life, what is the one thing you'll change?
Me: Answered
Be thorough with the topic you say them. they can grill you on that.