Two persons A and B start moving at each other from point P and Q respectively which are 1400 Km apart. Speed of A is 50 Km/hr and that of B is 20 Km/hr. How far is A from Q when he meets B for the 22nd time?
A. 1000 Km
B. 400 Km
C. 800 Km
D. 1400 Km
Total distance traveled by both of them for 22nd meeting = 1400 + 21 x 2 x 1400 = 43 x 1400
Distance travelled by each will be in proportion of their speed:-
Therefore, distance travelled by x = 50/(50 + 20) x 43 x 1400 = 43000
For every odd multiple of 1400, x will be at b and for every even multiple of 1400, x will be at a. So, at 42000 Km (1400 x 30, even multiple) x will be at a. So at their 22 meeting, x will be 1000 Km from a, therefore, 400 Km from b.
Correct Answer: 400 Km